Printing Refund Policy

Printing Refund Policy

• You are responsible to verify your printing and finishing options prior to accepting the

• Refunds will only be provided for legitimate reasons and are granted at the discretion of the

• Refunds are granted in the form of printed materials only within 2 weeks of your request if
approved; cash will not be given for print refunds.

• Refunds must be requested within 10 business days of the problem print job.

• Refunds will be provided only for affected pages so watch your printing and keep issue
pages to submit with your refund request.

• Refunds can be submitted via e-mail at You can also submit a
refund request directly to the GMW office.

• With your refund request you must include:

- Name
- Invoice number
- Reason for your refund request


Valid Reasons for Print Refunds

• Toner smears or streaks.

• Low toner or too much toner (unacceptable print quality).

• Other printer-related defects.


Not Valid Reasons for Print Refunds

• Design errors

• Spelling errors


Reducing Errors

• Check thoroughly before uploading your print file

• Select the Online Proof option

• Email us for guidance on preparing the artwork