Speciality Color Printing

Deliver a ‘wow’ impact through digital specialty enhancements With new specialty dry inks White, Clear, Silver and Gold, you can now print special effects all in one pass, at a cheaper price.

Watch what our machine can do:

Metallic Underlays create shiny and glittery effects.

White underlays enable you to print on any coloured and even transparent materials.

Clear overlays allow spotted embellishment effects for logos, graphics, patterns and more.

Email us at weigary@gmwprints.com for enquiries and guidance on this new experience!


Media: Laser Matte Opaque Film 200DS

Underlay: Silver + CMYK + Overlay: Gold

Media: Silk Coated 280 gsm

Underlay: Silver + CMYK + Overlay: Clear

Media: Touche Soft Touch, Sterling 300 gsm

Underlay: White + CMYK + Overlay: Gold, Silver & Clear

Underlay: Gold + CMYK + Overlay: Clear